Green Catalyst & Curriculum

Addressing sustainability and green technology is a cause in which YaHijau is passionate about; its mission under Green Catalyst & Curriculum is to connect and empower schools nationwide to lead the transformation into global sustainability.

YaHijau believes that schools are the transformational hubs of their communities that builds resilience, transforms markets and policy, promotes behavioral changes and prepares the next generation of innovators to become environmental stewards of the nation.

Among the objectives are to groom and further educate young school children and teenagers to be the change agent in promoting and raising awareness on sustainability and sustainable living in their surrounding communities. This will be done via integration of sustainability subjects into pre-school, primary and secondary school levels including tertiary education syllabus. In meeting this mission, YaHijau also aims to promote hands on activities at school level through co-curriculum activities in addition to implementing workshops for university students.

Green School Campaign

Uniquely created by Yayasan Hijau Malaysia in Collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE), Tenaga National Berhad (TNB), Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), JabatanKerja Raya (JKR) and supported by Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water (KeTTHA); the Green Catalyst & Curriculum has designed a 48 months program under the Green School Campaign that will integrate subjects on sustainability and green technology into the school syllabus of 2500 schools across Malaysia. YaHijau will work with institutions of higher learning, and schools to intensify the awareness on green technology and its applications of green living.

The Green School Campaign (GSC) is a maiden project by Yayasan Hijau Malaysia that aims to install 5kWp photovoltaic (PV) systems at 140 selected primary and secondary public schools across the nation.

Centre for Education, Training and Research in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CETREE)

Developed in collaboration with UniversitiSains Malaysia (USM) Centre for Education, Training and Research in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CETREE) was developed with the intention of increasing knowledge and awareness of the role of Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) for professionals, schools, tertiary institutions, schools and also to the public in Malaysia.

CETREE has successfully implemented various activities involving Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency; in primary and secondary school whilst improving public awareness through social media, competitions and various exhibitions and roadshows. CETREE is in the process of developing a mini bus that is preloaded with a lot of fun hands- on activities.

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