Ever wondered so many natural disasters take place? Have you stopped to think for just a moment what you can do to prevent it from happening? Everyone knows that something must be done to change the way things are; yet how many individuals want to take on the challenge?

Meet our youths; who reach out to nature’s SOS call; our ‘Seeders of Sustainability’ are a group of environmentally spirited and highly motivated individuals who want to make an impact by empowering other youths and the masses in general.

Yayasan Hijau Malaysia’s Seeders of Sustainability are the ‘Green Brigade’s’ an enthusiastic group of individuals who through; community service, networking and leadership opportunities will work with school officials and local communities to create a healthier and environmental-conscious communities that will go beyond awareness.

The Green Brigade Camp

A distinct module developed by Yayasan Hijau Malaysia in collaboration with UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia (UTM), the Green Brigade Camp is aimed at being fun whilst promoting green lifestyle from the grassroots.

Bridging creativity and innovative ideas including solar energy and alternative energy sources this project is divided into zones for Peninsular and East Malaysia; implemented for school students in secondary 2 and secondary 4.

Through the implementation of the Green Brigade Camp, students will go beyond awareness and practice green living as a holistic lifestyle. The camp is divided into four (4) modules.


  • Module 1: Water Source

    In this module, students are made to understand the basic concept and various processes that are involved when filtering water for homes in Malaysia; in addition students are provided with the opportunity to observe and understand the natural methods of water filtration.

  • Module 2: Green Technology

    In this module, students are made to understand the on solar and regenerative energy, using the sun as a natural source of energy a sustainable form that can be used today and for the future.

  • Module 3: Energy Sources

    It is essential for students to understand on how they can save electricity, in the third module students are introduced to understand the conservation of electricity and also the calculation of electricity bills at home.

  • Module 4: Environmental Stewardship

    Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; three very important elements that make up 3R, in this module students are taught on how to separate and segregate waste accordingly and most importantly to understand how waste can be transformed into wealth through upcycling wastes into creative decorative items like coconut husk candles, flowers, bags and a variety of crafts.


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